Sunday, June 20, 2010

Three Men God Placed In My Life

There are three special men God placed in my life. Each of them play a very special role in my life.

The first man in my life is my dad. Yes I place my daddy as the first for without him I would not be here today. Forty seven years ago he celebrated his first father's day. Daddy didn't always lead a Christian life, but he never stopped my sisters or I from going to church when we wanted to. Daddy accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior when he was a child and led his dad to Christ. Unfortunately, daddy let worldly ways and lies of the devil take him away from the church for many years. But it was through daddy's job in the Navy that led me to a mission church in Naples, Italy where I accepted Jesus as my Savior. When we returned to the United States, our neighbors from Italy invited us to their church in Virginia Beach. God at that time had been working on my daddy and he returned to his faith and joined the church. I too that same day made my profession of faith in Christ public. I was a typical teenager, I didn't want to be seen with my daddy. I was afraid my friends would make fun of me and so I didn't show my daddy how much I really loved him and wanted to be with him. Many years that I will regret letting others guide my heart. But the look of how proud he was of me when I graduated high school and when he gave me away to my best friend to marry, I will never forget. After momma was diagnosed with breast cancer I saw a change in my daddy. He became more humble and I saw his faith grow immensely. Now my daddy follows Christ more fully, serves in his church and I see a joy I've never seen before. Even though I may have never said it or shown it I always looked to my daddy for advice and guidance. Many times without saying anything, I could hear what my daddy thought I should do in a situation. I look up to my daddy and I'm glad he is mine. Happy Father's Day Dad! I am so glad God chose you to be my dad.

The second man in my life is the man I call my best friend, my lover. Twenty nine years ago today I said "I DO" to my best friend. We have had our ups and downs. We have weathered storms and rejoiced in the blessings. Twenty seven years ago he celebrated his first father's day. God has truly blessed us with 2 wonderful kids, both who are serving the Lord. Our early years had me following him where ever the Navy took him and today he follows me where ever my nursing career takes me. He is my biggest cheerleader and support of the things I attempt; most recently completing my BSN and now getting ready to start my doctorate. I have seen his faith grow so much especially in the last few years. They say that a girl will marry a man like her daddy. Well he and daddy may not see it, but I did marry a man that is like my daddy. In both of them I see many similar traits. They both love me, love the Lord, want the best for their wives and will do anything for them. Happy Father's Day Sweetheart and Happy Anniversary. I love you more than you can every know. I'm so glad God chose you to be my husband and the father of our children.

The third man in my life is my son, Bear. I knew from Bear's early years that God had something very special planned for him. And today I see that plan starting to come to life. Bear had a rough start to life, but as he grew he amazed me in the way he memorized the Bible, learned to play instruments and was able to make "B's" in class without studying. Could have made "A's" if he'd study, just like his momma. When he heard his call into the ministry, he amazed me as he grew in knowledge and wisdom. Once Bear went to college and learned more about God's word and how we should be living a Christ-like life, the more he made me look at my life and see where I need to do a better job. Bear probably doesn't realize how much he has discipled me in being a better Christ follower. As he and his wife, Vanessa, prepare to be missionaries to Mali, Africa I look forward to seeing what God does in his life. I look forward to the day that Bear will celebrate his first father's day. Bear I love you so much and I am so proud that God chose you to be my son.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Book Review: Sex, Lies & Religion by Randy Elrod

Sex, Lies & Religion by Randy Elrod is a must buy book for any newly married or long-time married couple. Randy Elrod has written a book that will change your sexual relationship with your spouse and your spiritual relationship with God.
I grew up with grandparents that felt that sex was done in the dark and only for the act of procreation. My parents never talked about sex and the most I knew was from the porn magazines that my dad hid in his room. For readers of my blog, they'll remember my post on 1/8/09 where I tell my weight loss story. In it I reveal that I had been molested by a relative, our landlord and hotel janitor in Naples, Italy and then raped by my boyfriend (see My Weight Loss Journey on 1/8/09 for full story). These incidents also shaped my view of sex. Through Randy Elrod's book, my eyes were opened to how God wants me to be sexually with my husband.
Randy Elrod reveals how God wants to be a part of our lives, our whole lives, and this includes our sexual part. I have been married for 28 years and the bedroom is one area that I have been leaving God out. Reading Sex, Lies & Religion showed me that there is more to sexual communion with my husband and how that communion can bring us closer to God. Randy Elrod breaks down the lies and shares the truths that he calls "sacred sexuality".
Randy Elrod says " Religious lies have programmed the ability to embrace God as Lover right out of our souls - and bodies." Then he poses the question: "Have you ever has an experience with God that was so amazing it exceeded your wildest and most fulfilling sexual moment?" If your answer is no, Randy Elrod says you're not alone and this book "will provide you the opportunity to experience profound intimacy with a seemingly untouchable and unseeable God."(Elrod, Sex, Lies & Religion,p.8)
This book has opened up dialogue with my husband and I, my prayer is that it will for you and your spouse.

I received this book free from cre:ate 2.0 Publishing to read and post a review on my site. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255< > “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”