Sunday, December 21, 2008

Book Review: In the Shadow of the Sun King

Brand new author Golden Keyes Parsons has written a historical christian fiction book called "In the Shadow of the Sun King" It is the first book in  her series she calls A Darkness to Light Series. This book takes place in 17th Century France. It is about the Clavell family as they try to be Christians in a France that is Catholic only with a king who is determined to wipe out all the Christians. Madeleine Clavell's family is the center of the story. The dragoons have come to find her two boys to send them to Catholic school for re-education. Unable to find the boys the dragoons camp out at the Clavell mansion causing Madeleine to journey to Versailles to plead with King Louis to leave her family alone. Madeleine was once in love with King Louis and he was in love with her. Madeleine hopes to rekindle this friendship to save her family. When Madeleine refuses the king's advances, King Louis decides to destroy the Clavell family. He has her husband put into the Bastille and sends her daughter to a convent to be re-educated. Madeleine arrives home to find her home destroyed, husband and daughter gone, but her boys still safe in their hideout. The Clavell's & servants flee for Geneva to safety and to start the search for Francois and Vangie. The family goes through many trials and struggles, even to the point of questioning their faith. But God sends someone or something into their lives to remind them that He is controlling all that is happening.

Golden Keyes Parsons does a great job in telling a story of no matter what your circumstances are you need to hold on to your faith. She shows that the road is not always easy or has a happy ending,but God is always faithful.

Golden Keyes Parsons keeps you glued to your seat from the first page to the last. You don't want to put the book down, because you want to see where the next turn leads, who will help the family next and how the Christian message is delivered. Based on 17th century history and her family, Golden Keyes Parsons writes so beautifully that you feel that you are on this journey with the Clavell family. I can not wait for Fall 2009 when she publishes book 2 of this series. Golden Keyes Parsons is definitely an author to add to your reading list. 

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