Friday, July 17, 2009

Book Review: The Great Eight by Scott Hamilton

When you think you know a celebrity, along comes a book that gives you an insight to someone that you would have never thought he could be like he was. Scott Hamilton gives a heart felt look at his life, who he was and who he is know, in The Great Eight. If anyone has a right to hate God and life is Scott Hamilton. From being a sickly child to testicular and brain cancer, one would think that there is no way any one could be happy, ever. But not Scott Hamilton.
Scott Hamilton gives eight steps to being happy even when there is no reason to be happy. Scott Hamilton from the day he was born had every reason to be a miserable person all of his life and even blaming God for his problems. But thanks to wonderful adoptive parents, great friends, the right bosses, and a wife who already trusted God to heal all wounds, Scott Hamilton learned to find happiness in the mist of sorrow and hurt. He uses the fundamental skating routine of the figure eight to show us all how we can be happy. I always thought that watching the ice skaters skating a figure eight in the same rut over and over was a boring way to judge a skaters ability to skate. Now I miss seeing it in the competitions after reading this book. Just as the figure eight lays the foundation for a disciplined skater, learning how to be happy when you don't want to lays the foundation to finding happiness in times of trials.
The Great Eight is a motivational book that is worth reading and putting Scott Hamilton's eight principles to work.

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