Sunday, August 12, 2012

Being Christ to the World

With the latest news of Chick-fil-A founder, Dan Cathy, expressing his opinion of marriage, the shooting at the Sikh temple, propositions on ballots for abortion, gay marriage, English only, and so many other issues, I saw many of my friends on Facebook and Twitter unfriending and unfollowing their non Christian and professed Christian friends. They are unfriending and unfollowing all because they don't agree with that persons political view. I too have been contemplating this very idea. I have many friends who are not followers of Christ and profess to be followers of Christ. I am inundated with their slams at Governor Mitt Romney, slams at Christians, and misquoting the Bible to fit their purposes. Every time I saw one of those post I would get angry and consider unfriending and unfollowing that person. Many times I wanted to respond to the post but knew that my words would be twisted or told that I'm being "unchristian". Many of these friends use cussing in their post, especially the F-bomb. Then Jesus spoke to my heart and reminded me that he didn't come to the saved He came to the unsaved. As I read the accounts of Jesus ministry, He spent more time in the homes of the unsaved than He did the saved.  He showed them what their sin was and how to overcome their sin through knowing Him and accepting Him as their Lord and Savior. He showed all of those who believed in Him how we should be treating those who do not. 
I then realized that if I unfriended and unfollowed my friends on Facebook and Twitter because they disagree with my political and/or spiritual views, I would be acting just like the Pharisees and Saducess. I would be turning my back on the unsaved, the very people Jesus came to save. I was once just like them. I thank the missionaries (don't remember their names) in Italy who showed Christ to me. I also thank our good friends Jerry and Mattie Lipham who took me and my sisters to that mission church every Sunday. As much as a rebellious kid as I was, they didn't unfriend or unfollow me, they kept offering to take us to church and loved us. 
I still sin, I still do things that Jesus is not happy with me doing. I am grateful that I have good Christ following friends who let me know when my words and actions are not pleasing to Jesus. I see many Christians and non Christians quoting that we are not to judge and they basically are right. We are not to judge the heart of someone who says they are a Christian, but their fruits don't appear to be Christ-like.  This we are to "judge". We are as Christ Followers to go to our fellow brother and counsel them regarding what they are doing that is not pleasing to Jesus. There is a way to correct a fellow brother/sister that is not judging, just as you correct your child or an employee. You're not going to let them keep doing something that is not pleasing to you, that is causing others to have a bad opinion of your parenting or leadership skills. If you're a good parent or employer, you're going to correct the child/employee, not turn your back on them. 
Now I'm not advocating that we should spend our time in bars, porn shops, brothels, etc. I am advocating that we need to seek the heart of Jesus and act according to what He is leading you to do. 
So as my non-Christian friends continue to post things that slam Christians, defame political leaders, and push their agenda, I will continue to remain their friend and follower on Facebook and Twitter and pray for them that Jesus will send someone into their lives to show them Jesus. I will seek Jesus's guidance on how and if I should comment or respond to their posts and if they choose to unfriend or unfollow me, I will continue to pray for them. For my Christian friends, I will seek Jesus' guidance in how to correct what they post that isn't pleasing to Jesus and pray that Jesus will open their heart to see the error of what they are saying. And if they too choose to unfriend or unfollow me, I will continue to pray that Jesus will send them an accountability partner they will listen too. 
Now I know many of you are saying "Teri you have to remove the beam in your eye before you can remove the speck I ours". And you are absolutely right. That is why I am seeking Jesus' guidance every time before I comment on any post. I also pray that when I do post something that it is not inaccurate or defaming., and if it is that Jesus will correct me by speaking directly to my heart or through a true Follower of Christ that Jesus has directed them to correct what I've said. 
I would love to see less F- bombs and defamation of Christians and political figures in my Facebook and twitter feed, but I know that will never happen. I would love to see that those who use the F-bomb would not spell out the word, but that will never happen. I would love to see that everyone who post things about Christians and political figures would cite their sources and back them up with proper facts, not just from one biased source, but alas that too will never happen. But as for me, I can make sure I follow the leading of Jesus and respond in such a manner that I does not cut down or condemn the writer. 


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