Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Remember To Treasure The Moments

Today my grandmother would have been 93 years young. I hadn't remembered until my calendar alarm chimed with an alert. It was to remind me that it was Nanny's Birthday. I started crying. Nanny went to be with our Lord  & Savior on August 20, 2008. She is spending the BESTEST birthday ever. (Thanks Sammie for that word.) She is dancing and singing with The Lord, Papa, and all our family that welcomed her into heaven in August. 

            I sent a text message to my sisters and daughter that said:

"I hope y'all are having a better day than me. My calendar alert reminded me this am it is Nanny's Birthday. I was flooded with memories, remembering the good times with her & Papa. Love you guys. Remember to treasure every moment with your family no matter how much they may disappoint you. Remember to turn those times over to God & let Him take care of it."

            My family hasn't been perfect. There have been things that have happened in the past that many have not forgiven others for, me included. Unfortunately my grandfather developed Alzheimer's Dementia before I could tell him I forgave him. I also didn't get a chance to ask for forgiveness, forgiveness for neglecting them. I lived only 2 hours away and rarely went to see them, because of unforgiven hurts. I told him years later, I just pray that God let my words be understood. I did get a chance to tell Nanny before she died & I think she understood. 

            Today God spoke to me about treasuring every moment with my family and let Him take care of the hurts. My family is spread out where it makes getting together difficult, but I have determined that some way I will see my family at least once a year, preferably more often. This is going to be especially important to me when my son and his fiancĂ©e leave for Mali, West Africa in a few years. 

            My plans now are to find ways to make memories with my family, treasure every moment I get to spend with them and talk to them. And most importantly ask them to forgive me for anything I have done that has hurt them and to forgive them for the things they have done that I have let hurt me. I don't want to feel regret the next time a member of my family goes to be with the Lord. (Hopefully this will be many years away so I can make many memories for us.) I'm also going to challenge my family to write down their treasured memories to put in a family book. I hope that this will be a treasure that will continue to grow every day. 

TREASURE THE MOMENTS. Don't let hurts and disappointments stand in the way. 

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