Monday, February 2, 2009

Review of "For These ToughTimes" by Max Lucado

If you have ever had a tough time in your life from the loss of a loved one to the loss of a job, Max Lucado's book "For These Tough Times" is the book to help you. It is a short easy to read book. Lucado starts off asking "Where is God?" then proceeds to show us not only where He is but how He is using the circumstances to help us through the tough times.
Though we may not be able to see his purpose or his plan, the Lord of heaven is on his throne and in firm control of the universe and our lives. So we entrust him with our future. We entrust him with our very lives. (emphasis mine)
Lucado wrote this book in 2006 and couldn't be better for today with the uncertainty many of us have regarding our future. Lucado reminds us to trust the very ONE who knows what is best for us at any given time in our life and how our future will turn out. He reminds us to keep our eyes on the Father and that Satan can be used to do the work of heaven. I love the way Lucado ended the book with a prayer for troubled times.

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